Marine Claims Pre-Survey

Marine Claims Pre-Survey

Our highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable professionals can handle a wide range of cargo services for insurers and corporate clients. We stand by our commitments and settle even the most difficult claims in less time. Turn around time, quality, and commitment are our major objectives when taking an assignment.

Services Include

  • Cargo damage surveys including high-tech and electronic equipments
  • Commodity surveys including steel, equipment, sugar, coffee, etc
  • Load and stowing surveys of export cargos
  • Out-turn, offloading and handling surveys of import cargo
  • Evaluation of Cargo Compatibility in consolidated containers
  • Container suitability and condition
  • Packing recommendations
  • Pre-dispatch surveys


  • Our strong operations team at our PAN India Offices.
  • Constant monitoring of the claim at all the levels
  • Immediate responses on 365/24/7 basis
  • Learning from claims already settled
  • Proactive approach to minimize time in settlement of cases
  • Fast and fair settlement of claims, which help the Insurers to achieve their both objective i.e. quality and TAT  [spell out]


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"We received the claim yesterday for the damaged shipment. I appreciate the efforts both of you took to understand the subject matter and process the claim. I really appreciate the in depth involvement the team took to understand the (technical subject matter)."
- Shatendra Singh, General Manager, Operation or A Raymond Fasteners India Pvt. Ltd.